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Here , I am a blogger,  postgraduate in Finance. I am a simple person and known for my personal management skills. My Mission with Money Saving Store it so help people in saving money.

With MoneySavingStore my mission is to help you in finding best shopping deals available. Not best deal but on affordable price which suits to one’s pocket.

  • Main side of MoneySavingStore is about finding ways to save money (shopping, travelling etc). I am seen in my life most people mange to earn more but fail to save more.

In my life I have seen so many ups and downs. During this time I met with few good people. I will call them angels who helped me in struggling phase of my life. Those Angels inspired me to help others as they helped me. Now I am taking small steps to help you whatever I have learnt from my life experience.

What I do?

  • In simple words I am a blogger and love to write blogs ( not only blogs, but valuable contents) so you can get some help
  • I’m passionate about travelling and shopping online and using this passion to help my readers.
  • And I love to take your queries and reply you back within 1 working day, you can email me on