How to Remove Oil Stains from Gas Burner

How to Remove Oil Stains from Gas Burner

The gas burner is one of the most important domestic appliances. As you keep on using, the gas burner will gather oil stains, grime, and dirt.

All this makes it look dirty. Keep a gas stove clean may be a hard task for you. 

In this post I will show you steps about “how to remove oil stains from gas burner”.

How to Clean Clogged Gas Stove Burners and How to Clean Gas Stove Pipes are already covered in the my lost post.

Let’s dive in.

Why should you regularly clean your stove?

 Why should you regularly clean your stove

Your gas stove becomes unclean quickly because of oil, smoke, and grime.

If you don’t clean the burner, appropriately, it will reduce the flow of gas. It will also lead to wastage of gas.

So you can save money , save energy with “how to remove oil stains from gas burner” guide.

Lets dive in.

How to remove oil stains from gas burner

You notice there is gas loss if you will not clean your stove regularly.

So it is important to clean them regularly.

Here are the exact steps which you can use to clean them.  

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Make the stove ready for cleaning

Once you cook food, let the burner cool.

Turn off all the gas burners and let the stove become cool entirely before you start cleaning.

If you start cleaning before it is cool enough, you may get burn injury. You may not be able to clean it properly.

Take about the burner parts – caps and grates

When the burners are completely cool, take them away from the stove.

Take a tub or bucket and keep the gas burners in it and pour hot water enough to keep the gas burner under warm water.

It will help remove the oil film to some extent.

Using baking soda and white vinegar

  1. 1Take a glass or china clay bowl
  2. 2Take baking soda two spoonfuls and white vinegar two spoonfuls
  3. 3Add water to make a solution
  4. 4Now soak the burner caps in the solution in the bowl for three hours

Using baking soda and white vinegar

Similarly, for the burner grates, take a stainless bowl big enough.

You can also use a plastic tub.

  1. 1Make a solution of vinegar (one spoonful) and (backing soda two spoonfuls)
  2. 2Soak the burner grates in the solution for three hours
  3. 3For best results, soak the parts in the solution overnight

Using dishwasher

  1. 1Take water in a tub enough to sink the burner parts
  2. 2Pour hot water enough to sink them
  3. 3Add five drops of dishwasher liquid and stir the water to make creamy foam
  4. 4Let the burner caps and grates soak in this solution for twenty minutes

Cleaning the burner grates

  1. 1Remove the burner grates
  2. 2Use scrubber and add two drops of liquid dishwasher and wipe thoroughly to remove all the oil stains. Take care of the corners where grime gets stuck. 
  3. 3You can use a kitchen knife to peel the grime out

Rinsing the burners and parts

Rinse the burner grates with clean running water.

Ensure you remove the entire soapy residue.

Here is quick video which explain how to remove oil stains from the gas burner and make it clean.

Cleaning the Burner Caps

In the – how to remove oil stains from gas burner guide cleaning the burner cap is an important section.


It will help you to make sure the flow of gas it proper there is no blockage.

We can clean the burner cap using the scrubber, wipe the burner cap.

You can use a piece of sponge or toothbrush. It will remove the residue, if any, left anywhere in the caps. Use a small amount of baking soda for better results.Use a piece of lemon and a little baking soda to rub the body (both sides) of the burner caps. That will make brass caps start shining.

Cleaning the Burner Caps with Lemon

Once you clean with lemon, use the toothbrush to remove the residues of the lemon left, if any. It will make the cap completely air passable so no issue when used.Now rinse them under clean running water.

Use a needle (or a good quality a toothpick) to remove any residue of lemon pulp left in the burner cap.

Make the burner parts dry

Keep the burner caps and grates aside on a mat. You can use a drier.

You can keep them in the sunshine. Wipe the parts with a clean cloth. It will make them dry quickly.

Cleaning the Stovetop (the body)

The guide “how to remove oil stains from gas burner” will not complete without body clean.

When it comes to removing the oil stains from the gas burner, it is essential to clean the body as well.

So, we need to discuss the various steps involved in cleaning the body.

Using dishwashing liquid

First, clean the food debris.

Use a cleaning brush or kitchen cleaning cloth, remove the loose debris. Don’t work too hard to remove caked foodstuff.

Use a scrubber

Spray the body with dishwasher solution. Let it soak the shape of the stove for ten minutes. It will make it easy to clean.Wipe the body with a clean piece of cloth and sponge. Make sure to remove the food debris and oil stains. Clean the knobs and face.Clean the area around burners. This part is challenging to reach correctly and clean.

You can use a toothbrush and reach the cooks where the gas burners and caps rest.

Using baking soda and vinegar

You can also take two spoonfuls of baking soda and one spoonful of vinegar. Then mix them to make a thin paste. Using the scrubber, wipe the whole body, including the knobs.And leave it for few minutes, Let’s say five minutes.Wipe the body with a dry scrubber to remove any food residue, grime, etc. Pay special attention around the knobs.Now, wipe the body with a clean kitchen towel or cotton cloth.Take another piece of clean cloth and wipe the body clean again. Now, the stove body will shine

Let the body dry

Use a kitchen towel ( o any clean cloth) to wipe the stove body dry.

Drying will prevent streaking and gives the body a radiant appearance.

Cleaning the Burner Plates

Use dishwashing liquid to wash the plates. Use scrubber to remove all the food residues. 

Once done, rinse with clean running water. Wipe dry using the clean kitchen towel.

Replace the burner

Once the stove body is clean and ready, you need to replace the burner parts on the stove. Replace them properly. Now it’s available for use.


Having discussed how to remove oil stains from a gas burner, it looks the task is easy. You cannot avoid it.

Even though you’re careful, the odds are that the gas burner will get oil stains over time. The best thing is to clean it regularly.

I need to do it usually, at least once a month. Then it will reduce the amount of effort you need to put when you decide to clean it thoroughly. In Indian ethos, the gas burner in the kitchen of a household should clean all the year. You can take it as a rule of thumb and keep your gas burner free of oil stains.

I am sure this guide about “how to remove oil stains from gas burner” helps you in cleaning the gas burner.

At Money Saving Store we are continuously working to deliver value to our readers.  So if you have any question / comment about “how to remove oil stains from gas burner” guide please feel free to comment.

  • October 16, 2019
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