How to Clean Clogged Gas Stove Burners

How to Clean Clogged Gas Stove Burners (in 3 Minutes)

If you are searching about how to clean clogged gas stove burners, then you are at the right place. Both gas stove pipes and stove burners must be in good condition,

Gas stove burners offer a lot of benefits and value, but sometimes cleaning the gas stove burners can be very annoying.

And in today's post,  I will share with you a few tips about how to clean clogged gas stove burners. And it will help you in cleaning gas stove burners fast (in 3 minutes).

Most of the people use wrong methods to clean their gas stove burners.

So in this article, you will get all the information regarding gas stove burners - point to point.

Before we jump to cleaning let's see why we need to clean our gas stove burners

Why to Clean Clogged Gas Stove Burners?

So before starting the cleaning process, let's see why it is essential to clean gas stove burners and valves.

There are many reasons why you should clean gas stove burners, and some of them are:

To Maintaining the Efficiency

Gas stove burner has a lot of advantages in comparison to any other cooktops.

One of the most significant advantages of using a gas stove burner is energy efficiency. Unlike other cooktops, gas stove burners are quick and save a lot of time.

If you also compare any other cooktops in terms of cost, then gas stove burners are less expensive.

Save Energy

But with time the efficiency level of gas burners decreases and proper maintenance and cleaning are essential to restore the effectiveness.

So if you don’t want to spend more on your cooking expense, then do appropriate cleaning of the gas stove burner.

To Increasing the Durability

Generally, gas stove burners are very durable and can stay with you for a very long time.
Remember - No matter how strong and durable they are, they are still a machine. 

Gas stove burners are one of the most used tools in daily life. They require proper care and maintenance to function correctly.

Time to time cleaning will make sure that every part of the gas burner is working correctly. And if there’s any problem with any element, you can replace it before it’s too late.

To Avoiding any Accident

Safety is essential. And it is one of the most important reasons why you should clean your gas stove burner.

If you don’t properly care for them, then you will put your life in danger. Damage in any part can result in a significant accident.

If you do time to time cleaning, you will know if a part gets damaged. So if you don’t want to risk your life, then do time to time cleaning of the gas stove burner.

List of Points about How to Clean Clogged Gas Stove Burners

So now it’s time for the main thing.

So down below you will get a proper step by step guide that will help you to clean clogged gas stove burners and valves.

Clean Kitchen - How to Clean Clogged Gas Stove Burners

How to Clean Gas Stove Valve

Cleaning the gas stove valve is easy in comparison to gas stove burners. To clean it, you will have to put some lubrication. Here are the steps

  1. 1
    Find Gas Shutoff Valve - Before starting the cleaning process, you will have to find the gas shutoff valve to shut the gas supply. After that, remove other items from the stovetop and pull off the burner.
  2. 2
    Place the Drops - Now you have to put some drops into the automobile fuel hose. Make sure that one end of the tube is over the gas valve and another set in your mouth.
  3. 3
    Final Step - After doing the above step, pull the valve to unseat it. It helps in lubricating properly. Now you have to release the oil by blowing.

Once all the oil is released, repeat this process and last, assemble everything and check that it’s working correctly.

Voila! Now you know how to clean gas stove valve.

How to Clean Clogged Gas Stove Burners

Before we dive in, let's see what you need (to make the process easier)

  1. 1
    dish soap
  2. 2
    a scrub (nonabrasive)
  3. 3
    paper clips
  4. 4
    an old toothbrush
  5. 5
    baking soda
kitchen utensil

Before we start It is essential, and you should not ignore. 

Why? - Because, every gas stove is different.

In the manual, you will get all the information regarding the areas that you should clean and the substances that you should use for cleaning.

It will make sure that you are not doing anything wrong with the gas stove burner. If you don't have the printed manual, then you can also download it online.

Here is a short video on how to clean clogged gas stove burners

Now let's jump to the cleaning steps

1. Remove the Burner Caps

The first thing that you have to do is check that the gas valve is closed, if it's open, then close it for safety.

After that if your gas burner is of the old model then you will see a ceramic plate around the stove, is used to diffuse the flames. If you see a ceramic plate, then remove it.

2. Remove Burner Heads and Soak the Parts

Then after removing the ceramic plate, you will see a burner head under it.

Make sure to remove it gently and soak them in water and soap mixture.

3. Scrub All the Parts Properly

Now with the help of a toothbrush, gently clean all the parts.

If the stains are stable, then you can use a mixture of baking powder to clean them.

4. Rinse with Water

After the cleaning, use water to rinse all the parts and let them dry properly.

You can clean other parts like grills while they are drying.

5. Reassemble and Relight

When all the parts get dry, then reassemble it correctly. Make sure that you don't bend or damage any part.

At last, relight the burner to see that everything is working correctly.

Its Done ! Now know how to clean clogged gas burners.

Benefits of Cleaning Clogged Gas Stove Burners and Valves

Here are some benefits of cleaning clogged gas stove burners and valves:

Benefits of cleaning

Increase in Speed

If you do proper cleaning of the gas stove burner, then it can increase its life. It will work like the new one, and you will not have to spend money on its replacement.

Proper Heat Distribution

Heat distribution is one of the main points when it comes to practical cooking.
Also, it is the reason that makes gas stove burners better than any other cooktops.

Unequal heat distribution can cause wastage of gas. Your food will also take more time to cook if the heat distribution is uneven.

Cleaning of the gas stove burner ensures that there is nothing clogged in the gas burner. Time to time cleaning makes heat distribution even and makes the gas stove burner more effective.


If you love cooking and love to experiment with new food items, then you must clean your gas stove burner from time to time. 

The dirt in the gas stove burners will not only reduce its efficiency, but it can also increase the chances of permanent damage.

So if you want to save your gas stove burner, maintain it properly. It will be effortless to clean it if you follow all the steps correctly.

I hope after reading this article on how to clean clogged gas stove burners your all doubts regarding gas stove cleaning must be cleared.

Do you have any tips on how to clean clogged gas stove burners ?

Then its your turn to share.

  • October 15, 2019
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