10 Best Gas Geyser in India

10 Best Gas Geyser in India

Best Gas Geyser - Bajaj Majesty Duetto Water Heater

A best gas geyser is an excellent solution if you want a bucket of hot water within a couple of seconds without raising a finger. Moreover, because of its lower electricity consumption over the conventional best electric geysers, India's best gas geysers are becoming very popular.

To help choose the right one for you, the Money Saving Store team aims to list the ten best gas geysers in India.

Geysers (gas or electricity) have become an unavoidable part of any home, no matter what climatic condition you live in. In every home, in the kitchen, toilets, washing clothing, etc., geysers are commonly used.

New research found that many offices and industrial buildings substitute their electric geysers with gas geysers to save their energy bills.

In contrast to the electric ones, gas geysers continuously flow out of hot water in far less time.

It is also a standard option in households and offices for a quicker recovery rate of gas geysers to ensure optimum savings.

A number of gas geysers are available on the Indian market. Ability, color, and maintenance of the Geyser are some of the primary appliance features that decide which one to go for.

Most gas geysers do not come with required accessories such as batteries, PVC pipes, gas pipes, and regulators, etc., on purchase. All of this has to be handled separately.

10 Best Gas Geysers in India


Bajaj Majesty Duetto Water Heater

Here comes the first outstanding best gas geyser from the trusted Bajaj company. The geyser comes with a warranty term of two years, in addition to its excellent features such as anti-freezing, flame loss, and kid lock.

Best Gas Geyser - Bajaj Majesty Duetto Water Heater

One of the best performers on the market is the copper heat exchanger present in the geyser, which guarantees dry heat safety, thermal stability, and increased performance.

This product looks pretty good and, after installation, performs well. 

When you turn the tap on or off, it automatically begins and stops. It continuously supplies instant hot water until a cutoff period of 20 minutes. It runs on LPG gas and at the bottom of it are two batteries..

Bajaj Majesty Duetto Gas 6 LTR Vertical Water Heater (LPG), White

Pros and Cons  - Bajaj Majesty Duetto Water Heater

  • Several protection solutions are integrated, such as child lock, anti-freeze system, flame failure device.
  • Adjustable burner knob for comfort
  • For best thermal efficiency of >84 percent, advanced combustion technology
  • In both the LPG and PNG models, Bajaj Majesty is available.
  • This product does not come with a gas pipe and a regulator.
  • You have to arrange the installation help separately.


Spherehot Revera Gas Water Heater

Spherehot's geyser is also the best geyser with gas. Spherehot has been operating for almost 12 years, excellent quality and has been a valued company for decades. 

Gas Water Heater - Spherehot Revera Gas Water Heater

In this gas geyser, Hot water continues to run when the tap is switched on and ceases when it is turned off. Also it has a heat exchanger to optimize the heat efficiency of the water heater. In the event of oxygen exhaustion in the field, the gas supply will be shut off automatically.

It has additional protection precautions for children and automatically cuts off the supply of gas if the flame goes out.

Pros and Cons - Spherehot Revera Gas Water Heater

  • Flame Failure Unit Automatically Cuts Off Gas Supply As Flame Exits
  • 99.9% Pure Electrolytic Copper Heat Exchanger To Optimize Water Heater Heat Efficiency
  • Double solenoid valve For Best Safety In-Class
  • When the tap is switched on hot water begins to drip.
  • Often the buyers face problems while contacting the customer care unit.
  • In certain units, the knob signals are improper.


Orient Electric Techno-DX Gas Water Heater

This Orient Electric gas heater comes with a powder-coated metal body that lasts longer even after it stays in the bathroom's wet environment.

Gas Water Heater - Orient Electric Techno-DX Gas Water Heater - Main

The Techno DX gas water heater is powered by LPG and can be filled by a gas cylinder. When this water heater runs out of gas, you can easily replace the gas cylinder and start the heater again. 

With the copper heat exchanger fixed in this gas water heater, you will never run out of hot water. This copper heat exchanger provides you with 5.5 liters of hot water per minute.

This gas water heater comes with adjustable knobs that help users adjust the flow of gas, the flow of water, and the season's temperature. These knobs help you get the perfect hot water every day, all year round.

Gas Water Heater - Orient Electric Techno-DX Gas Water Heater

Pros and Cons - Orient Electric Techno-DX Gas Water Heater

  • When the tap is switched on hot water begins to drip.
  • The safety lock feature keeps you and your children safe.
  • Often the buyers face problems that some times after turning on the tap, the hot water comes for 20 second.


SURYA ROSHANI Ignite-O Gas Water Geyser

One of the best options you can make for your home is this geyser from the Surya company. It is manufactured using Gen-4 technologies and has an oxygen sensor built-in.

This geyser comes with a 20-minute automatic timer to ensure zero battery wastage. Also this product gives you overheating protection. 

SURYA ROSHANI Ignite-O Gas Water Geyser

It also has a volume of 10 liters, which is very suitable for a medium-sized family. It also has a heat exchanger tank made of copper, and it comes with a free hose and a telephone shower.

In addition to this, the product also comes with a beautiful promise that determines the product's validity.

Pros and Cons - SURYA ROSHANI Ignite-O Gas Water Geyser

  • Simple and easy to use. It's not that expensive relative to most..
  • Copper heat exchanger with flame failure protection.
  • No installation service is provided on behalf of Surya.


LONGWAY Decora : Best Gas Geyser 

The LONGWAY Decora 7 Liter Copper LPG Instant Gas Water Heater highlights Japan's energy-efficient Automatic Breakthrough to limit energy use and increase reserve funds and comfort. It looks and sounds extraordinary with steel or glass-lined installed and service contract alternatives, but it may have been exceptional.

Gas Water Geyser - LONGWAY Decora

The LONGWAY Decora Water Heater must be remembered by purchasers who insist on a gas water radiator with stunning looks and a legitimized sticker price. It is carefully inferred that gas water is warmer for those with a versatile admission to flammable gas.

The LONGWAY 7-liter moment gas water radiator calls for low water pressure start-ups, making it ideal for places of not quite natural water pressure. The LONGWAY Decora 7 Liter Copper LPG Instant Gas Water Heater, which organizes well-being, contains a system that consequence try eliminates the gas and terminates operation.

LONGWAY Decora 7 Litre Copper LPG Instant Gas Water Heater Geyser 5 Way Protection, 20 MNT Timer (Brown)

This Gas Water Heater has 5 Safety Feature, Cut Out, Safety Value, Flame Failure System, 20 Minute Timer, Auto Shut Off, Quick Heating, and Long Lasting Copper Heavy Duty Tank. Chip Electronically Regulated Smooth Working Circuit.

Pros and Cons - SURYA ROSHANI Ignite-O Gas Water Geyser

  • It terminates operation when dry consumption happens, or it occurs.
  • It will automatically cut the water supply when the temperature exceeds 95 ° C.
  • In comparison to steel and glass-lined internal tanks, a copper-made inner tank is second-rate.
  • Adversaries offer longer promises.


Longway Xolo Smart 7 LTR Gas Geyser 

It's a great blessing to have a gas geyser in your house because it makes things smoother and quicker if you want to have a hot bath. Luckily, there are many gas geysers in our country right now for you to enjoy the benefits it offers.

Longway Xolo Smart 7 LTR Gas Geyser

However, people, particularly first-time buyers, are having a hard time deciding what the right gas geyser is for them to purchase. But don't worry, because we have a recommendation for you, because Longway will give you great value for your money.

Introducing the LONGWAY Xolo Smart 7 LTR Gas Water Heater Geyser is filled with features that will make your bathing time more spectacular than the normal one.

Longway Xolo Smart 7 LTR Gas Geyser - Feature - Base Gas Geyser

Pros and Cons - Longway Xolo Smart 7 LTR Gas Geyser

  • It is easy to install and this gas geyser has a low price that will suit the budget comfortably.
  • Since it's fully automated, you're not going to think about taking time and effort to set things up.
  • Adversaries offer longer promises.
  • Some users are not happy with the support


Candes 7 Litre Gas Geyser

Candes 7 Litre Gas Geyser - Main

The Candes brand was founded in 1990 and provides a wide range of home appliances. The brand derives its inspiration from the complexities of today's customers. All of their geysers blend consistency, technology and performance with unparalleled ease of use.

After being operational, Candes has been continuously improving the geyser line. Today, they are among the most respected, likable, and detailed geyser manufacturers on the Indian market.

Geysers by Candes offer answers to all your water heating purposes; they are intentionally and easily manufactured to heat water very quickly.

Candes 7 Litre Gas Geyser - Second

Besides, they come in esthetic styles that let you bring contrast to your bathrooms. Their exterior bodies are composed of ABS plastics; they carry heat inside the stainless steel tanks, making them powerful and multiplying their efficiency to a significant degree.

Water heaters from Candes have exquisite body shapes with highly resistant thermoplastics.

Pros and Cons - Candes 7 Litre Gas Geyser

  • Copper heating elements with installation kit.
  • Automatic thermostats and thermal cut outs.
  • Often the buyers face problems while contacting the customer care unit.


Surya Digital Instant Gas Geyser

We deserve to feel relaxed whatever the temperature conditions we're facing. We'd like to get a little cool water in the heat any time we take a bath, and we want to feel refreshed by the hot sun.

Surya Digital Instant Gas Geyser - Main

It's the contrary, though, as the winter season arrives, that the bath we're waiting for seems to be a disaster. Luckily, the gas geysers are there to shield us from the freezing weather anytime we want to take a bath.

We want to present this Surya Digital Instant Gas Geyser with Heavy Copper Tank; it will ensure that you will never be frightened of taking a bath in the winter season.

Surya Digital Instant Gas Geyser - ISI - Best Gas Geyser

It's packed with a range of features that will undoubtedly make your swimming experience more memorable.

Pros and Cons - Surya Digital Instant Gas Geyser

  • This gas geyser has a free pipe and a telephone shower to make the trip more unforgettable.
  • The automated LED monitor means that you can see your geyser's state if the water is still hot.
  • The inlet pipe cannot be straightened until bent


Digismart Aqua - Best Gas Geyser

If you'd like a superbly lasting gas geyser, you then would like to try out the Digismart Aqua Water Heater.  

It consists of high-quality alloy, which will make sure it won't break down fast.  Since it works with LPG usage, it's a great combination to unite it with alloy to guarantee stability and security.  

Digismart Aqua - Best Gas Geyser

The best thing about this is that you could save money from the energy bills since it doesn't use power as its source for electricity. What's more, it's remarkably fantastic since it's packed with enormous qualities that will supply you with a pleasant bathing experience. 

Digismart Aqua - Best Gas Geyser - text image

It has a pure copper burner substance that gives you an assurance it is remarkably durable.

Pros and Cons - Digismart Aqua Gas Geyser

  • It may produce the heating process considerably faster, which will save a lot of time.
  • This product comes with an elegant design that can make your bathroom lovely.
  • This gas geyser includes a protective coating that can protect it from collecting rust to endure for more extended amounts of time.
  • It's super user-friendly and easy to put in it without needing the support of professionals.
  • Few users complained that they are not able to get 6 liters of water in one go.


Activa Aqua Water Gas Geyser

The ACTIVA Aqua Water Heater is created from highly-durable metal so that it won't deteriorate immediately. It's powered by gasoline and doesn't use the power that will assist you to save on invoices. 

Activa Aqua Water Gas Geyser - Main

It has an extra heavy-duty pure aluminum burner and guarantees extreme durability over the geyser, making it persist for more extended intervals.  

Also, its zero pressure attribute permits you to pick between different stress levels that will be suitable for your requirements.  

Activa Aqua Water Gas Geyser - text

 You may set this up by yourself using an additional guarantee that if you split it as you're performing its setup, it is possible to send it back for repairs at a service center at no cost. Overheating security systems ensures you and your geyser are protected from the damaging effects of overheating.  

Pros and Cons - Activa Aqua Water Gas Geyser

  • It's one option that allows you to produce the heating process much faster, which may save you a great deal of time waiting for your water to be warmed.
  • This gas geyser has a powder coating incorporated throughout its body to prevent it from accumulating rust and corrosion.
  • It's the pure aluminum container will provide higher durability on the gas geyser to last longer.
  • Sometimes you feel water flow is not good.
  • Updated February 9, 2021
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