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This blog is aimed at helping you with online shopping in less money and safe shopping.
I will show you how to save money with online shopping. Before you shop check all the main benefits of your product and about product's reliability in order to get true value for money.

Information is the key when buying a product. There are various aspects to be considered when making a purchase.

People think that price is the only basis of comparison.

Not true.  Do you know Why ?

There are other things to be kept in mind like

  • Quality
  • Features
  • Durability
  • Strength 
  • Warranties
Money Saving Store Quality Heaters

It can get overwhelming for a buyer to consider all these parameters for buying a single product. Thereby making reviews an important part of the process of buying.

Reviews help the customers to compare the products available in the market and make the right choice.

Talking about Money Saving Store, it help you to make the right choice for all your needs - especially with home appliance like Heaters.

My extensive and detailed research and understanding of home appliance is all you need to consider when purchasing one.  The information provided is not like any other. 

My opinions are purely unbiased and I provide you with all the accurate details required.

It is safe to say that the suggestion I proffer is going to be your best buying guide.

Recent Articles

Why Money Saving Store

The market these days is flooded with products.

Many alternatives of so many brands are sure to confuse anyone who goes for shopping.

Would you like to waste your money - Probably NOT.

You definitely do not want to invest your money into something that does not provide value.

Value is the name of the game.

What is the value from a product that stops working just after a week?

No value - right? 

Also, there are a lot of things one has to keep in mind when buying.

One of those things is safety & reliability. ​

This is why we make sure you get an exclusive insight into the pros and cons of buying the most popular product available in the market.

Money Saving Store - Best Heaters

There are a lot of things one has to keep in mind when buying a heater.

One of those things is safety.

Safety is one of the most important thing you should consider while buying any home appliance, especially for any electrical  product. 

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You will definitely want to buy a heater that is safe to use around the house. There are innumerable accidents that happen because of heaters especially if you have kids in the house.

This is why we make sure you get an exclusive insight into the pros and cons of buying the most popular heaters available in the market. 

Money Saving Store Safety of Electirc Product

Different Types of Heaters for your Home 

Maharaja Whiteline Quato 800- - Best Room Heater.jpg

The heaters used to warm a space are known as room heaters. You are bound to find room heaters in most Indian households during the winter. There are different types of room heaters like fan heaters, oil-filled room heaters, PTC room heaters, radiant heaters etc. 

Orpat OEH-1220 2000-Watt Fan Heater - Best Room Heater.jpg

Blower heaters are a type of room heater. They use an in-built fan to spread the warmth produced by the heater, evenly throughout the room. These are the most common type of room heaters. 

ORIENT Aqua Spring Top 3 Best Geyser in India ( in 15 L ).jpg

Water heaters help you get a nice warm water to take a bath or do all your household chores during the chilly season. Just how difficult it can be to even get near to cold water, bathing becomes like a far fetched thought. Water heaters solve all your hot water-related problems. 

Money Saving Store Immersion Road

Immersion Heaters

Immersion water heaters are rod heaters that heat the water on being dipped in it. These heaters work on the principle of conduction and heating effect of electricity. They are more affordable that water geysers and much popular among nuclear families and bachelors. 

AWCRE 300 Liters Solar Water Heater Best Solar Water Heater in India

Solar water heaters convert sunlight into heat for heating water. They are a more sustainable way of obtaining hot water in winter. This heater channels sun’s thermal energy to heat water. 

Money Saving Store help you with your purchase a heater of any sort or any home appliance, the information provided by me helps you make an established decision. 

Money Saving Store Home Appliance

Money Saving Store : About Saving Money

I understand just how important it is to save that hard earned money.

So, I provide you with the most unbeatable ways to save money when shopping online.


Online shopping is all the rage nowadays. People often prefer to order things online rather than tiring themselves by going to shops.

There are more than ample of e-commerce websites that give you a platter to choose from.


Especially if you are a brand junkie, the internet has a lot to offer to you.

E-commerce sites like Amazon provide you amazing deals. You just have to be at the right place at the right time and we will help you do that. 

If you are someone who loves impulsive buying and prefers online shopping over wandering in the markets, my money saving techniques will act as a blessing for you. 

Now, you can satisfy all those shopping cravings without the fear of getting broke.

My online shopping hacks will be your perfect partner in crime. 

I provide utmost assurance that the information provided by us is completely genuine and will yield nothing but the best. 

Money Saving Store is Specialised in helping you in deciding best Home Appliance

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